Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Warm up - blog test

Greetings, blog-land!  After many years of using the internet and all the lovely seamstresses who share their trials and triumphs, I am taking the plunge and joining in the fun.  Of course, in the grand tradition of jumping in with both feet, I don't have access to any photos yet (I got to work early today and created this at my desk).

So here's a brief overview:

I started sewing at the age of 18 because I discovered a medieval/Renaissance group at my college, and it was much cheaper to make my own costumes than try to buy them.  I am about 80% self taught, with the judicious application of blog lurking, and a few classes thrown in for good measure. 
Fast forward to age 41; after leaving reenactment some years ago, I continued to dabble in sewing (Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday), but after discovering a passion for mid century fashions, I decided that - once again - sewing for myself would not only be economically sound, but fun as well.  And here I am today, with about 2/3 of my wardrobe consisting of homemade dresses.  I have several "stock" patterns that I enjoy making, so you will see a bit of a trend in silhouettes.  But I am guilty of that in RTW fashions also, so there you have it.

As I begin my blogging journey here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, I would like to thank the pages that inspired me over the years.  These women have been my teachers, inspiration and entertainment, and I hope I can do the same.
Thanks to:

Jen Thompson at Festive Attyre
Kendra van Cleave at Demode Couture
Sarah Lorraine at Mode Historique
Trystan Bass at Trystancraft
Roisin Muldoon at Dolly Clackett

I've also been enjoying a few of the lovely patterns offered by By Hand London, which I hope to start showing soon.


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