Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Week, One Pattern - aka the Week of Bathroom Selfies

Happy Sunday, all!  I just recently completed my first blog challenge, hosted by Handmade Jane (check out the link to see her week in action).  The challenge, in short, was to wear an item of clothing every day for 7 days from the same pattern.  Some people chose blouses, skirts, or pants/shorts - I, in my infinite wisdom, chose a dress.  Cause I'm smart like that.

Originally, I decided on the Anna pattern from By Hand London.  My decision was based solely on the fact that I adore the pattern and felt it would motivate me to crank out a few more.  Um.  Yeah.  Not so much.

Having only made 3 Annas at that point, I felt that I'd get funny looks around the office, even if I got incredibly creative with layering.  "Nice skirt, Kelli, but why the cable knit sweater?  It's 82 degrees out today"...  So I went back to Jane and switched up to Simplicity 2444.  I already had a few straight up ones made, and a couple of hacked versions, so over the course of the week I finished up a couple more and was off and running.  So without further ado, here's my week:

Day 1 - Saturday

I was in the throes of an awful flu, but managed to drag myself out of bed around 11am and get prettied up to spend a couple of hours at ManetteFest (a local neighborhood festival).  The weather was gorgeous, but I still only managed a brief stroll before I parked myself at the local watering hole and waited for John to finish visiting.  This is a hacked version of 2444 - my first Frankendress. After the festival I proceeded to spend the next 12+ hours in bed.

My "please hurry up and take the picture" face

Day 2 - Sunday

Sunday was a complete wash.  I was too sick and spent the day in pjs - here's a pic of the dress that I would have worn.  It's my first 2444 and is straight from the pattern, down to the skirt.
Accessorized with my comfy quilt

Day 3 - Monday

Monday I was still feeling poorly, but made it to work looking at least somewhat alive.  This is 2444 with an a-line skirt; I was experimenting with mixing fabrics.  The skirt is lined because the polka dot quilting cotton was pretty cheap and too see through to go without. I was working on finishing this up the week before the challenge (I had it most of the way done weeks ago and got bored).

Lots of filtering on this one so I look less frightening

Day 4 - Tuesday

Tuesday and feeling more human.  This is my second 2444 and some of my favorite fabric.  I love the colors and the Chinese parasols; it's a bright and cheery dress and I've worn it quite a bit.
Bathroom selfie - adds an extra touch of class to any photo

Day 5 - Wednesday

I waited until I got home to get a pic of Wednesday.  By mid-week I started to feel too blah again from the flu to really put much effort into the photo, but I love the dress.  This is a modified 2444 (I lowered the neckline quite a bit at this point) made with a gathered skirt.  It's Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric in the bright red color.  The shoes are adorable and I got them in a screaming good sale from Miss L Fire - I'll take better pics of them at some point.

Yeah, whatever, this shot's fine.
Day 6 - Thursday

Thursday was hair cut day - hooray!  I recycled the Frankendress and mixed it up with a different cardigan.  I also was up to wearing heels at this point in the week - these are also from Miss L Fire.

Post styling photo at the salon

Giggle fit
Day 7 - Friday

I managed to get a new, unblogged dress finished up for the end of the challenge.  I'll do a write up after I get back from my work conference (and get better pics), but this is my Red Riding Hood themed dress, made up in my 2444 based Frankenpattern.

Bonus dress - Friday evening

I donned the Monster Mash dress for Friday night.  Lesson learned, kiddos.  PREWASH YOUR FABRIC. In my zeal to sew up this fabric, I did not prewash, and it's now incredibly tight.  Not unwearable, but I certainly notice that 1/4" I lost in shrinkage.

There's a weird smudge on the mirror, hence the Vaseline-esque filter

And there we have it!  Thanks to Jane for hosting - this was a blast to participate in.  I'm looking forward to reading through everyone's successes.

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  1. Hoorah for Simplicity 2444 and hoorah to you for valiantly completing the challenge with flu! They're all lovely versions but I particularly like Tuesday's dress - gorgeous! x