Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sushi Dress - Butterick 5748

Here's a quick and dirty post on a dress I made at the beginning of the summer.  It's actually one of my favorites, because I absolutely adore the fabric.  It's made from a quilting cotton I bought at JoAnn's sometime last year, and the pattern was my second attempt at Butterick 5748.

On this dress, I omitted the lining, used bias binding for the neckline and arms, and scooped the neckline another 5/8".  The hem is serged and left alone (don't you love my couture techniques?), and I have continued with my use of railroad zips over invisible ones.

My sweet "no flash" photo.  Take that, Ansel Adams.

And the back, showcasing the best feature of the pattern; the lovely deep back.

Chicken Dance pose

The hem's even, I promise.  Not only did I have a run of forgetting the flash, but I was also taking photos of my dresses after wearing them all day.  Cotton tends to get a bit flat after sitting for hours.  However, I'm not a fashion blogger (or really any kind of blogger) so my goal is to get pics as fast as possible and get them posted. 

At some point I'll have to get a close up of just the fabric, because it's stunning.  I centered the bodice to get as much of one complete dragon across the front as possible.  Damn, that's pretty fabric.

Boom.  Sewing post.  I had another name for this dress, but then I started to have a hankering for sushi, and that's that.  These dresses name themselves.  Mmmmm.  Sushi.

Happy Hump Day!

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