Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Inspiration not Duplication - Cath Kidston's London Buses Dress

Greetings, sports fans! 
This week's installment of "Oooh I love that!  Here, take my money!  Wait... it's HOW much?  For COTTON?!   Yeah, fuck that." is brought to you by my avoidance of anything productive.

It's been far easier to crawl the interwebs lately rather than sit at the sewing table (my fabric stash is glaring evilly in my direction), which brought me to this darling piece by across-the-pond designer, Cath Kidston.


Oh yes, this is love.  Or at least moderate infatuation.  Cath Kidston is known for rather quirky prints (dreamy sigh) on fairly simple designs, and not inconsiderable price tags.  I am totally smitten with the double decker buses, because I shamelessly adore most things British (thank you Netflix and BBC America, for shows like Coupling, The IT Crowd and Spaced, not to mention Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, the Sharpe series, I could go on for paragraphs).  However, I neither want to shell out for international shipping nor pay 65 pounds (and try to convert that to dollars in my head) for this dress.

So, you know what comes next.... has quite a few prints with a London theme.  My favorite is this print:

I like the blue background, as well as the not-to-scale motifs (giant teacups and mini Big Ben, anyone?).  So this would be my fabric of choice - however, if I were inclined to stay as true to the feel of the original as possible, I would go with this print :

The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down...

My only hesitation in this fabric choice is I am clumsy as hell and try to avoid white as much as possible.  However, I think this is adorable.  And it might be worth a dye bath test run to get a blue background.

Next, the pattern.  This is a basic skater dress, and there are a wealth of options as far as patterns.  I would stick to darts over princess seams, just to preserve as much of the motif as possible.  McCall's just released a pattern that would be perfect, M6955.  Butterick 5748 would be acceptable, but I would rather keep the neckline scooped in the front and high in the back, which is the exact opposite bodice treatment.

The flared skirt is pictured, but it also comes with a gathered option, as well as a nifty cut-out back.

 It's a very simple pattern, looks to be every bit of its "easy" rating, and would be my solid pattern of choice for this dress.  I did buy this on sale for $1.99, and would only need about 2 3/4 yards of the fabric at $9.48 per yard - that's noticeably more thrifty than the RTW option.  And that means more money in the budget for accessories!  I mean, things for the house.  Yeah.  That's what I meant...

And there you have it, yet another pleasant distraction from yours truly at the Stitchery.  Happy sewing!


I did purchase this fabric:

OMG squee

With a mind to this Eva Franco dress:

Sold out on Modcloth, worn in New Girl and much coveted by the bloggersphere

Stay tuned!  I may get this done by my 50th birthday.

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